iPhone 5S Launch Rumors

The iPhone 5 is still a relatively new device but rumors have already begun to fly about as to whether Apple will release an iPhone 5S later this year. Some wonder if perhaps Apple will skip the 5S and go straight to the iPhone 6 although many are looking for the release of the 5S in just a few short months. It is very likely that this newest device will be available in stores as early as fall 2013 or at least by the holiday season.

The past models of Apples iPhone S versions had the same shells with a few different features. The 5S looks to carry the same shell as well although it will have a few differences in the specifications. It does not look as if the differences will be vast but there will be things like an improved camera and a processor that runs just a bit faster.

With recent additions to the smartphone category like the Sony Xperia Z and Samsung’s Galaxy S4, Apple is sure to improve a bit on the iPhone 5S in an attempt to keep up with its competitors. Many feel that the newest edition will certainly be the 5S as opposed to the iPhone 6 and some analysts feel that the iPhone 6 will not be developed until late in 2014. The release date for the 5S however, could be as early as late spring or early summer in some areas. Some even believe that commercial production of the 5S has already begun and that it may be out as early as the end of May.

Whenever it is released, experts feel that the newest iPhone version will, at the very least, feature a Super High Definition display screen as well as a camera that is much better than anything Apple has included in an iPhone to date. A touch display is currently being developed that offers 0.5 mm thickness and a 10 point multi-touch function. This of course is also speculation but rumor has it that this speculation comes from inside Apple itself.

The handset is also touted to have a Retina+ Sharp IGZO display. This gives it 1080p HD resolution and other rumors are circulating that there will be two different sizes for the handset in an effort to compete with the flood of new Android devices that have recently hit the market. Whether these rumors prove true or not, one thing stands clear. Apple does not typically wait long after releasing one iPhone version before it begins seriously contemplating a newer and better version. Those who wait anxiously on the newest iPhone to hit the market may not have to wait much longer. If the rumors do prove to be true, there could be an iPhone 5S on the market as early as late summer in some areas and by Christmas 2013 in most areas. Those who are waiting on this newest Apple release may just have to keep tuned in to the current iPhone news to find out exactly when they can expect it to be available in their area.

The Popularity of the iPhone Versus Other Smartphones

When it was first released, the iPhone became instantly popular. That popularity however, began to recede just a bit as other smartphones hit the market. Over the past year, Samsung’s Android has been the popular device for most consumers. The iPhone’s share of the smartphone market in the United States, fell to under 30 percent. During the first quarter of 2013 however, that percentage increased to nearly 40 and the iPhone’s growth outdid the Android to make it the most popular choice in the U.S. with more than 130 million iPhone users to date.

Apple took control of the smartphone market by increasing sales nearly 3 percent for the first few months of 2013. It went from just over 36 percent to more than 39 percent from January until March. This was the largest jump thus far of all of the five most popular OEMs. Samsung also saw a bit of growth during that period, but not nearly enough to outdo Apple. The Android went from 21 to almost 22 percent during the first quarter of 2013, still not even close to the popularity of the iPhone. HTC actually lost footing during this first quarter, falling to 9 percent of the market share as opposed to its previous 10.2 percent.

Motorola and LG come in as fourth and fifth respectively. Motorola fell just under 1 percent, down to 8.5 and LG fell from 7.1 to just around 6.8 percent. The iPhone was the only mobile operating system that enjoyed a relatively large jump and was the only one of all five to see any growth in March. The Android platform is used on more than half of the smartphones in the United States at the moment but even that share fell from just over 53 percent down to 52 percent during this first quarter.

Blackberry saw a decrease as well, falling from 6.4 to just over 5 percent. With American smartphone uses making up a whopping 58 percent of the total mobile market throughout the world, it is no wonder that the iPhone is still the most popularly used smartphone platform. The American market raised nearly 10 percent in the first three months of 2013, a fact that significantly helped Apple to improve its overall market share. Mobile carries are now offering huge discounts and aggressive prices to entice more and more consumers to become part of the smartphone club. As this continues, it is likely that the iPhone will see even higher numbers in the future, particularly in light of rumors that the company is planning to release a newer and better version as early as fall 2013.

Smartphones are certainly devices that have had consumers scrambling to keep up with the latest and greatest. Samsung has released many smartphones that were an attempt to rival the ever popular iPhone but to date, none of them have come close to the popularity that the iPhone has. The numbers of consumers using smartphones is expected to continue to grow as more and more realize the benefits of these internet connected devices and as companies continue to expand on the features and functions that their smartphones offer.

iPhone 5 September Release Date Rumour

Fans have been watching and waiting for Apple to announce an official release date for the iPhone 5 for quite some time, leaving industry insiders and technology analysts to speculate. More questions appeared after the unveiling of Apple’s latest innovation, the iCloud. Although it has been rumoured that the iPhone 5 would be released in September, Apple has all but confirmed that they aren’t yet ready to sync up the next generation iPhone up with the iCloud. Verizon Wireless customers won’t be able to use the service with the iPhone4 because it still uses the iOS 4.2.8. While AT&T subscribers will have the opportunity to test out iCloud via iTunes, this latest development indicates that Apple is still working the kinks out of the iPhone 5.

Since more and more iPhone owners are working with Verizon Wireless, Apple has to release a version of the iPhone 5 that is compatible with with mobile carriers. Eventually, all Apple products will be able to store data via iCloud, but for now techies will just have to wait it out. Apple almost always waits to announce the release of its next generation of gadgets until testing has been completed, however, consumers are starting to get antsy. The Droid has become especially popular in the last year, and mobile phone shoppers are going to retailers such as Dial-a-phone to compare prices and read more information on the iphone4.

The real question is will Apple be able to perfect the iPhone 5 in time for the release of iCloud. Since iPhone owners have been asking for more storage capabilities, the iCloud seems like the only viable solution. The iPhone 4 has 64 gigabytes of storage room, but as more and more apps and programs are released, users find that their phones get filled up faster than they anticipated. Apple hopes to have both products finished and released by the end of the year.

Catholics Can Now Make Their Confessions On The iPhone

The Vatican has already released an official statement that supports the “Confession: a Roman Catholic App,” also the church believes that it should not take the place of actual confessions. The Roman Catholic Church has been spreading the word over the last 1,000 years, and for the first time in its history it appears that technology will be doing much of the legwork. Basically, the iPhone app developer believes that Catholics that don’t have the time to go to mass every day will be able to feel less guilty if they tap into their iPhones. Even better, the Roman Catholic Church is excited over the prospect of appealing to converts that will discover the power of their doctrine through the mobile web.

There is a lot of buzz about “Confession: a Roman Catholic App,” but only time will tell if more technology lovers begin to pay more attention to religion. The fact is that most devout Roman Catholics actually reside in undeveloped nations with little access to running water let alone the Internet. While the privileged few will be able to feel closer to God, the new iPhone app may not offer much to those of other faiths. “Confession: a Roman Catholic App,” may actually appeal to older Catholics that are just tapping into more advanced technologies. Since these consumers are already familiar with the rituals and requirements associated with being a good Catholic, they will jump at the chance to fulfill their duties simply by plugging into their smart phones.

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