Set Songs on Your iPhone as Ringtones

No matter what smartphone you currently own, there are a number of applications that will enable you to design your own ringtones for use as call, text message and email alerts as well as alarm tones and other sounds. If you own an iPhone, you have many choices with regards to ringtone makers although you may have a bit of difficulty in saving your new tones directly and ensuring that those ringtones show up in your list of tones.

You may actually have to save your .m4r files directly to a computer and then sync them over with iTunes in order to ensure that they function on your iPhone. There is of course an exception to every rule. If you are using Garageband, the app allows you to create and then save your ringtones directly to your iPhone without having to first upload them to your computer. If you are not using Garageband however, there is a very simple way to get those ringtones to your iPhone.

You will need to open the iTunes menu on your computer to begin syncing the tunes over. Once you have the program opened, you just need to right click on the title of the song that you want for a ringtone and then select the Get Info tab. From the Options tab you can click the Start and Stop Time boxes and then just enter the time that you want for the ringtone to begin and end. For instance if you want just the chorus of the song as your iPhone ringtone, select the start and stop times where the chorus is located. You may need to listen to the song and then make a note of the times that you want. Note that the maximum length of time for a ringtone is around 30 seconds so remember this when you are choosing your start and stop times.

Once you know your start and stop times you just click the OK tab and then right click on the song again to select the Create AAC tab. iTunes automatically converts the song into a ringtone and the ringtone will appear as a duplicate on your song title list. You will need to choose the one with the shorter track length which will be the ringtone version. Once you have the ringtone showing in your list, you need to go back into the options for the original track and save the start and stop times to their original times so that the original song will play in your list as it should.

Click on the ringtone track so that you can select the Show in Windows tab. The file should be highlighted and you simply have to right click on that song and rename it. Change the file extension from an .m4a file to an .m4r file and click Yes to confirm the extension change. Now just add the file to your iTunes library and upload that file to your iPhone. The process is much faster and easier than it may seem and it allows you to create your own ringtone versions using your favorite songs and easily save them to your iPhone for any of your chosen alerts.

Popular Travel Apps for the iPhone

iPhones offer a number of apps that you can use for a number of purposes. Many users find that locating the perfect app and downloading it is a bit addictive. They find one and then find another that does something just a bit better, and on and on. There are many apps that are very useful and some of these help with travel. With hundreds released every week, it is safe to assume that there is something for everyone and popular travel apps offer many different functions and designs.

Apps are simply programs that iPhone users can download that offer certain functions. Some are great for travelers while others tend to different needs. Some of them do little more than simply give you something pretty to look at while others can help you to calculate currency exchange rates, illuminate your screen so that you can find your way through dark areas and a host of other functions. Some apps cost absolutely nothing while others may come for a fee so it is important that you do your research before downloading any application to ensure that it is precisely what you want or need, particularly if you are going to have to pay for it.

Some of the popular travel apps have a few issues when you travel so again, it is important that you do your research prior to buying or downloading. Make sure that you spend a bit of time looking through the user reviews so that you will know about any issues that the app may have before you download it. It is also important that you note that some apps have to draw information from your network which is not a problem if you are at home but if you are traveling you could see a major boost in your mobile phone bill. Pay attention to the specifics of apps before you download them.

The most popular iPhone apps for travelers are those that allow for airline booking. iFareFinder is an app that will search the most popular booking sites like Orbitz and Kayak for instance, and let you know which one offers the best airfare cost. Once you have chosen a fare, the app will send you directly to the seller so that you can make your reservations. Other apps will give you user reviews of restaurants as well as locations for popular eating places depending on where you are located. This can be very helpful if you are visiting a city that you have never visited before.

Developers turn out travel apps virtually every week. The TomTom app works for the iPhone just as the original device works in your car so you can easily navigate through strange areas and it offers a number of other helpful features as well. If you are an iPhone user and a traveler, you are sure to find an app or two that will give you all of the information and features that you want to help make your travels a bit easier.

The Most Popular Free iPhone Apps

Apple is synonymous with apps that make things easier, better or more fun for iPhone users. Since the first iPhone rolled off the shelves, there have been close to 50 billion apps downloaded to these devices. From games to music to social media, apps are a popular pastime for iPhone users. There have been many that are so popular that every iPhone user in the world has downloaded them and a few others that some iPhone owners may not know about.

As far as social media goes, Facebook is the number one downloaded application of all time. In fact, it is the most popularly downloaded iPhone app period. Billions of people are part of the Facebook craze and this is often the first thing that users download when they get their iPhones up and running. Twitter comes in a close second in the social media app range with millions of users downloaded the Twitter app. Youtube is another popular application that iPhone users use regularly.

Google Search and Google Maps are popular as well and not just for those who travel frequently. Studies have shown that most iPhone users have Google Maps downloaded and most feel that this is a much easier to use application than Apple maps. It offers clearer maps and directions and users simply prefer it. Even though it was recently released, it has quickly become one of the most popular iPhone apps of all time.

Bump is popular among those who want to literally bump their iPhone with someone else’s to easily exchange files and photos. For music lovers, iHeartRadio, Shazam and Pandora are all very popular. Shazam allows users to simply place their iPhone within listening distance of any song that is playing to find out the name of the song and the band that is playing that particular version.

Games are always going to be popular and there are a number of free game downloads for the iPhone. Fruit Ninja Free is a very popular paid game and the free version is just as popular. Of course, Angry Birds makes the list of popular downloads as does Words with Friends and Temple Run. There are a number of Temple Run versions that are available and all of them are free apps.

Netflix is a popular app among those who like to watch movies and television shows using their iPhone and many users find the Weather Channel app to be very effective and helpful. This is another free app that gives users all of the features and benefits of the website and has become very popular with users all over the world.

Whether you are looking for games, music or social media connections, there are a host of free apps for your iPhone. You simply have to visit the app store to find something and most of the paid versions of these popular apps also offer a free version that for many users, work just as well as the paid versions. More apps are added to the store every day and it stands to reason that the number of users downloading those apps is going to seriously increase as newer apps are developed and as newer iPhone models hit the shelves.

Boosting Your Income Through iPhone Apps

The unprecedented success of the Apple iPhone has opened a totally new gateway for advertisers to gain from as millions of users now use the devices and download its compatible apps. Through the, literally hundreds of thousands, of apps that are currently in the store, many developers have been successful in cashing in on the vast number of users who download these apps.

If you want to monetize iPhone apps then there are several options available to you however the 3-in-1 SDK from Millennial Media is probably your best bet in order to take advantage of this huge and potentially lucrative market. Once you have created your iPhone app you will be able to integrate the ad’s within in for maximum visibility and efficiency. With the 3-in-1 SDK these advertisements can come in a variety of different forms as the old method of having a small banner present is fast becoming obsolete due to the more modern ways in which to display your ad’s.

These days, such is the power and functionality of the iPhone, you can display an ad with an HD video (and many of these can be interactive) meaning you can reach a whole new target audience. You can also get your message out with just audio as well and, as mentioned, you can even revert back to the tried and tested route of banner ad’s. In fact, with the 3-in-1 SDK you will be able to determine the frequency of the advertisements as well as deciding just where within the app you would like them to be displayed. With the new cache video technology you can also ensure that video’s load quickly and do not stutter meaning that they will look even more professional than they already are.

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