Apple App Store Has Google Voice Again

For some time there was a row between Google, Inc and Apple, Inc over the Google Voice service. Apple did not want to allow the use of Google Voice over the iPhone and had banned all apps related to Google Voice from appearing in the official App Store. It appears that things are now changing and, according to a recent report, the $3 app will be receiving approval to be sold via the App Store. The trouble first began one year and two months ago when Apple made a the sweeping decision to pull all apps that offered Google Voice functionality ranging from GV Mobile to Black Swan Voice Central. Then, Apple went a step further and disallowed even the official Google app. That move alone triggered an investigation by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States where both companies are based. Apple then decided to release an HTML 5 app that would be for iPhone users and allow them to use Google through that app. Experts believe that a combination of competition from Google’s Android smart phone and demand from iPhone users changed this ban.

The new Google Voice connectivity will be different from the way the service is offered on non iPhone platforms, however, because users will not be able to make use of push notification or the feature to mask their calls. This may put some customers off and lead to further problems for the iPhone maker. Users of iPhone and Google services alike have historically been fickle about embracing radical changes to services they favor and this could lead to a shift to Android for those hard core Google Voice fans if Apple is not careful, warn industry observers.