Bookmarklet Offers to Improve iPhone Browsing Experience with Safari

Consumers have long wanted to be able to make more of their browsing experience on the iPhone outside of the App Store and its range of ways to interact with the web itself. For many, being able to browse standard websites is a must and those that go this way often find that there can be quite a lot of scrolling needed to be able to actually take in a full view of the pages they want to navigate. This makes for a troubled browsing experience that can waste a significant amount of time and energy when one of the web’s core principles is that it makes information both faster and easier to find. Those that were hoping for a boost to Safari can now take advantage of the Mobile Safari browser solution that comes from developer Vais Salikhov which acts as a bookmarklet that greatly increases the interface of the standard mobile browser that comes with iPhone.

Although not a marvel of technical prowess, users have been expressing a lot of gratitude to the developer for his contribution in making their web browsing much simpler with a minimum of effort. This is one way in which the Apple crowd has come to favor those who innovate. The app itself is available for download from the App Store for only 99 cents and offers all of the features that users have felt were missing in the current edition of Mobile Safari and greatly expanded its speed in finding text on pages by search. Since the app is a bookmarklet it does not actually need to be installed on the machine itself.

iPhone Gets Plants vs. Zombies Game

First seeing success on the other Apple flag ship, the Mac, Plants vs. Zombies is a strategy game that was released in 2009 and is now being ported to the iPhone. Since the game has done so well with computer audiences, it has been viewed as a natural fit for the mobile device and PopCap Games rushed its release to answer fan requests for a portable version of the tower defense style gaming experience. The premise of the game is extremely easy to grasp, with players taking on the role of a home owner that is attempting to defend themselves from a zombie attack that would be typical of the horror movie genre. The primary defense, as is evidenced in the title of the game itself, is plants – in specific terms, a garden of plants. These plants act as weapons against the zombies who are prone to eating human flesh but are unable to tolerate vegetable of any kind and therefore find exposure to garden vegetables entirely lethal.

Players are able to use a variety of different plants to find back against the incoming hordes of undead marauders, including squash, pea pods, mushrooms and other plants that would typically be consumed by human beings. The tone is light hearted and fun, what the developers intended was a strategy game that had a strong element of humor to keep players entertained as they progressed through the missions. Over time, players are able to utilize the weapons in their botanical arsenal and deal more damage to increasingly larger crowds of zombies, all while indulging in various puzzle and mini games designed to expand the playing experience.