iPhone 3G Users Report Dropped Call Problems

According to various sources, many iPhone 3G customers in USA and Europe have been experiencing connection failures during calls. The problem commonly occurs when the iPhone attempts to move to another network from 3G. According to some experts, the 3G chipset provided by German chipmaker Infineon Technologies is to blame.
Roger Entner of Nielsen IAG recently mentioned that the problem occurs in every market where the iPhone 3G is being sold and pointed out that it is probably a problem with the iPhone 3G device rather than any particular network. Apple has released a software fix which is available now. A recall of iPhone 3G devices might be necessary if the problem isn’t solved by a software fix. This could spell big trouble for Apple. However Roger noted that it would be an unlikely occurrence.

Netshare, Data Tethering Application for iPhone 3G Pulled by Apple

Modem access or tethering is an in-demand feature for the iPhone. Even though AT&T provides data tethering options at an additional cost for its other smartphones, it doesn’t offer a similar feature for the iPhone. NullRiver, the developer of Installer.app had recently made available, a data tethering application called Netshare in the App Store that allowed the sharing of an iPhone’s EDGE or 3G Internet connection with a computer. Netshare basically turned the iPhone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling a Wi-Fi enabled device or laptop to surf the internet using the iPhone’s data connection. However this application was removed from the App Store recently with “no explanation” as per Nullriver.